Tuesday, March 6, 2012


“ Huff Puff “ I was playing volley with Toreka,Selena, Mino, Sylvia, Athena and Jarna. Mino served the ball to the other team. I started chasing for the ball “ I almost got it “ I mumbled to myself. Instead I missed it. “ Oohh, to bad you’ll get it next time,” Sylvia teased as she served the ball to the other team.

We were going to have a Picnic down at the Pt.England reserve. Selena and the others were finding a spot to put our stuff. “ Here’s a perfect spot,” said Selena. I could see the beautiful glittering water right in front of us.

After I played Volleyball with the others I went and sat down.” Grrrrrrrrrrrr,” my stomach was grumbling. I went and got a little snack and ate it. I sat down for a little while. Looking at the beach and relaxing was my kind of thing I would want to do everyday.

“AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH,” Toreka, was screaming because the ball was heading straight for her. “ Hit it, Hit it,” Sylvia yelled. “ SMACK,” the ball, instead went straight to her leg. After we played all these other activities I was very exhausted. I’ll tell you, I was sweating to the days. We were all dehydrated at the same time, well especially me. I asked everyone if they had a drink or something they said no. So I went to the tap myself and had a drink.
Later in the middle of the day team 4 and 5 went for a swim, my feet were in the soggy sand. “ Brrrrrrr,”. The water was freezing cold. We weren’t in the beach for long because it was really cold and plus we had cuts on our foot. “ That was so awesome,” I yelled.

We played a few games. We were going to play a game but Mr.Burt called everyone to bring their things. We all gathered together. Our school was going back.

It was so exciting and fun. The others and I had allot of fun together. The air filled with laughter when we left. That was the best day ever.