Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Having a netbook is like a treasure to you because it’s yours and it’s yours to keep. I like having a netbook because you can always get access through your work easily, and when you’re looking for an answer to your question you can always go on different websites to search it up.
Games, Games, Games, sometimes when we have finished our work we can go on netbook games ONLY! because it has already been set up on our netbooks and is free to play. It’s also easier to publish posts on your blog. You have your own internet connections, TLN MANAIAKALANI.

As much as I love having a netbook there can be some upsetting moments like, waiting for Internet connections to load, and not taking your netbook home. Drawing on the paint applications on your netbook isn’t the same as drawing with pencil and paper. The worst part of all is charging it overnight because you bring it out and then put it back in the cupboards( If you don’t take it home ).

An advantage is that you can go online at home and work an school things and that helps you get ahead in your learning.

Most of the time I’m sometimes in the right space and sometimes not so much. I’m cyber smart most of the time because I am aware of what site I am on.

It would be very devastating to have our precious netbooks taken away. The reason is because lots of people have worked hard to get us these learning tools and it would be a waste if they were taken off us because that is all the people’s hard work gone down the drain.

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  1. Hello Thora,
    you have a really nice and and long recount.
    I have learnt some new things from just reading your blog.

    Keep the good work up


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