Tuesday, March 6, 2012


“ Huff Puff “ I was playing volley with Toreka,Selena, Mino, Sylvia, Athena and Jarna. Mino served the ball to the other team. I started chasing for the ball “ I almost got it “ I mumbled to myself. Instead I missed it. “ Oohh, to bad you’ll get it next time,” Sylvia teased as she served the ball to the other team.

We were going to have a Picnic down at the Pt.England reserve. Selena and the others were finding a spot to put our stuff. “ Here’s a perfect spot,” said Selena. I could see the beautiful glittering water right in front of us.

After I played Volleyball with the others I went and sat down.” Grrrrrrrrrrrr,” my stomach was grumbling. I went and got a little snack and ate it. I sat down for a little while. Looking at the beach and relaxing was my kind of thing I would want to do everyday.

“AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH,” Toreka, was screaming because the ball was heading straight for her. “ Hit it, Hit it,” Sylvia yelled. “ SMACK,” the ball, instead went straight to her leg. After we played all these other activities I was very exhausted. I’ll tell you, I was sweating to the days. We were all dehydrated at the same time, well especially me. I asked everyone if they had a drink or something they said no. So I went to the tap myself and had a drink.
Later in the middle of the day team 4 and 5 went for a swim, my feet were in the soggy sand. “ Brrrrrrr,”. The water was freezing cold. We weren’t in the beach for long because it was really cold and plus we had cuts on our foot. “ That was so awesome,” I yelled.

We played a few games. We were going to play a game but Mr.Burt called everyone to bring their things. We all gathered together. Our school was going back.

It was so exciting and fun. The others and I had allot of fun together. The air filled with laughter when we left. That was the best day ever.

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Entertaining Holiday!!

I was sweating as if I had run a marathon. “ Mum can we pump up the water slide please?” I yelled as I rushed for the water bottle. My mum was sitting in the bedroom reading a book. “ All you do all day is read and hang out the washing.” I said. A little while later, she agreed with what I told her and yelled “ Okay then, I’ll pump up the water slide,”.

2 minutes later the water slide was all ready inflated. “ That was really fast,” I said as I walked past. She walked in the car and started reading. I ran for the slide an dove like Super Man. “Brrrrrrrrrrrrr”. It was icy cold.

Seconds later Sylvia came over than Selena. Sylvia went to sit down on the grass while Selena got ready. We were all waiting in line. I was the last person in line. It was my turn and I dived for the slide seconds later I was at the end. I called for Sylvia to come and have fun with us but all she said was “ Nah its to cold,”. I just stood there thinking of how to get her wet. Suddenly Selena came up with an idea.

We pushed Sylvia in the water slide and a while later she was already soaking wet. My little brother was squirting us with the hose. My brother thought that the water slide was a couch so he decide to sit on it and then it popped. “ Great One,” we screamed. We got wet with the hose instead. We started rolling in the mud. I’ll tell you the grass looked like a pigsty.

It was nearly dark and I was shivering like an ice-cube that has been stuck in the fridge for a very long time. Selena and Sylvia both went home. I went inside too.

Friday, December 16, 2011

To the Manaikalani Trust

This year I would like to thank the Manaiakalani team for letting our school use these precious netbooks. I would also like to thank you for all your hard work.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Having a netbook is like a treasure to you because it’s yours and it’s yours to keep. I like having a netbook because you can always get access through your work easily, and when you’re looking for an answer to your question you can always go on different websites to search it up.
Games, Games, Games, sometimes when we have finished our work we can go on netbook games ONLY! because it has already been set up on our netbooks and is free to play. It’s also easier to publish posts on your blog. You have your own internet connections, TLN MANAIAKALANI.

As much as I love having a netbook there can be some upsetting moments like, waiting for Internet connections to load, and not taking your netbook home. Drawing on the paint applications on your netbook isn’t the same as drawing with pencil and paper. The worst part of all is charging it overnight because you bring it out and then put it back in the cupboards( If you don’t take it home ).

An advantage is that you can go online at home and work an school things and that helps you get ahead in your learning.

Most of the time I’m sometimes in the right space and sometimes not so much. I’m cyber smart most of the time because I am aware of what site I am on.

It would be very devastating to have our precious netbooks taken away. The reason is because lots of people have worked hard to get us these learning tools and it would be a waste if they were taken off us because that is all the people’s hard work gone down the drain.

Monday, November 28, 2011


“Boing! Boing! Boing!” There were so many balls bouncing around. Room 20 were learning how to play tennis at the netball courts, it was quite hard I tell you. All the balls were bouncing everywhere.

“ Aaaaaahhh there’s flying balls trying to attack me!” I shouted as I hit the ball crooked. I was struggling hitting the ball up and down on the raquet. It was quite hard I tell you, playing tennis was not my kind of sport.

Our tutor began to blow the whistle, everyone knew what that meant, so everyone held their raquet and ball except for some people. He started teaching us how to hit the ball on the edge of the raquet it looked pretty hard, but then I thought that I could manage to do it. “ When I say start you can go and have a try “ he yelled. At first I was shaky but then I got used to it. Some people were hitting it crooked, some people were hitting it outside of the court but most of them could manage.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Wondering

This movie that I've animated is about my wondering. Room 20 had to come up with a question and create a movie to go with it. My question was " How Far Is Mars From Earth ". The Movie you're about to watch is my final product. Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Multiple Intellegences

Today, Room 20 were shown a website by Mrs Nua. On this website, you could see what Multiple Intelligences (MI) you have. For this, you had to take a quiz. Here are the results of my MI. As you can see my 2 highest intelligences are, are Interpersonal and Naturalistic. This means People smart and Nature smart. Here is the link to the website, why don't you check it out for yourself.